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Pismo Adventures - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Gopher Rockfish

Thanks again for the fantastic fishing trip on Saturday.  My husband and I had a blast and really enjoyed spending time with you and the otters.  We could sit out there all day on the water.  The fish were the cherry on top.

Ken Prewitt

Pig Hunt

This was a blast! Mike was as professional as it gets! Great hunting spots and local area knowledge. Mike partners with the client to ensure success and needless to say ensure that it is an "Adventure" for the customer. My particular case involved pig hunting and rock fishing; so much fun that it should be outlawed. For hunters like myself whose family wants to participate in in other activities during dad’s play time, Mike and Pismo Adventures gave many suggestions for  other outdoor activities in the area to make sure all are covered. As soon as I finished I tentatively booked another weekend with these guys! GREAT ORGANIZATION AND GOOD HUNT!

Tom Henle

Blacktail Deer Hunt

This turned out to be a hunt most hunters can only dream about.  Our guide, Mike had picked out a spot to glass that he felt would produce a nice buck. Well, upon arrival that morning to the spot we intended to post up at was waiting a very nice forked horn blacktail staring right at us about 110 yards away. I quickly took off my pack, sat down, chambered a round, and took a deep breath. I found the buck in my sight and slowly pulled the trigger. He went down with one clean shot. This will probably never happen again. An amazing buck with a 20.5 inch spread on the antlers harvested in the first 10 minutes of the hunt. Mike is a great guide and a heck of a nice guy too. Highly recommend his services!

Kayla Rutland

Spring 2019 - Shell Beach, CA

We had an AWESOME time with Mike on a Kayak Fishing Adventure. Mike is knowledgeable, super safe, and the kind of guy that you really want to spend a morning (or whole weekend!) fishing with. Everything about the experience was great - Mike was flexible and accommodating with scheduling, he was a great teacher, and his passion for the outdoors and for fishing is contagious. We brought home 6 beautiful fish (which Mike artfully cleaned for us) - fish tacos tonight! What an awesome trip.

Edward Letts

2016, 2017 - Buellton

Gone out with Mike several times and I look back at those trips with fondness. He knows his stuff, has a great outlook and makes me look at life a bit differently. Looking forward to taking my kids with him as they get a bit older.

Megan Reinhart - Overnight Trip

The tri tip, fire, and ambiance was delicious.  Mike hiked my husband and I into a place that I never knew existed this close to Pismo. An unforgettable camping trip.

Tyler Reinhart - Kayak Fishing

It was a great experience to be a part of the immense ocean far away from the break water.  I never would have that exhilaration if it weren't for pismo adventures.  Thanks

Lee Pulido - Archery A Zone

Mike planned the journey with me.  The mountains are good medicine.

Nate Sellstrom - Backpack Overnight

Takes the hunt seriously, not himself.

Ryan Hubbard - One bullet, First Buck

Mike didn't let the summer heat get in the way.  I fired one shot and bagged my first buck in the California A zone.

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