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Rockcod Fishing in California

Fishing for Lingcod

Fishing for Lingcod

Come fish with us.  Trips run from 7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.  I set up the gear in a good location for getting out there and catching fish.  We go over safety procedures and fishing strategy for the first part of the morning.  By about 7:30 we are on the water and paddling to the spot.  We keep bumping along until we find the fish.  Then we stay in those spots and start filling up the metal stringer.  Common species we target are: Gopher fish, grassies, and jonnie bass.  There's always a chance to catch a ling cod for those delicious blue fillets.  

Summer Schedule:

June 12, 14, 15

If these dates don't work for you then contact Pismo Adventures for a mutually agreed upon day

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Fishing for rockcod.  A great thing about the kayak is that each trip is different.  The variety of things you can see are: pods of dolphins, families of sea otters, and whales breaching from the Pacific.  These sights make for an exiting trip and can be once in a lifetime opportunities.  It is not necessary to be far from shore.  You can paddle around at whatever pace makes it fun for you.  Use your intuition to find the schools of fish.  When you do anchovies seem to be working well on rockcod this year.

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Kayak Fishing

Guided Kayak Fishing

Make sure to bring your fishing license.  When you plan on fishing three times in the season, I recommend getting a full year license.  Each new fishing season starts January 1 and runs the entire calendar year.  Rockcod season opens on April 1.  Be sure to wear layers. It doesn't hurt to have water shoes for launching the kayak from the beach over pebbles.

Your kayak fishing trip includes: 

Ocean Kayak



Fishing rod

Tackle and Bait

Fishing guide around the area

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