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Nevada Bighorn Sheep

Nevada Bighorn Sheep

January 23, 2022 by

The Nevada Department of Fish and Wildlife says in articles that there are close to 2000 wild sheep in this unit of Nevada.  Now I think to myself, “Yes lots of rams, but how will I draw a tag when I’ve got less than a 1% chance of drawing a tag.”  Often I wonder if it is the same 900 guys that are putting in for all the low chance tags that I would like?  The same guys for the tule elk in California and the rams near the Mojave desert.  Well I guess I don’t care because it is fun just to have the chance and all my fees go to a good cause.  It helps with funding to keep the ecosystems thriving and enough food, water, and cover for all these amazing creatures to thrive.  

Since I am putting in for these draws in Nevada, I’d like to suggest that you do too.  The magazines I read say this is the best unit to hunt for sheep in the state.  As happens once in awhile while scouting, I found them in the closed zone.  They woke me up in my tent at the crack of dawn by knocking their heads together playfully.  Just happily sparring while they ate breakfast to grow even bigger horns.  They jousted the trees too, but it didn’t have the deep thud sound that horn on horn resonated.  

I can’t take you right to these rams to hunt them.  My plan is to follow the Bureau of Land Management road just a couple of miles away and finish the shot there.  Make sure to bring your shooting sticks because a once in a lifetime opportunity at a ram will be sure to make your arms shake.  

Please practice with your rifle and be confident out to 300 yards.  Remember being good off sticks in practice is a lot different than being good off sticks when the ram is standing right there in front of you.  

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