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Hunting the Blacktail Deer

June 13, 2018 by

The blacktailed buck of California.  Hunters have joked that finding unicorns is easier than finding a forked horn buck during deer season.  They seem to know when the second Saturday in August rolls around and head straight to the brush.  Today’s story is a suggestion about how to find a buck and maybe more importantly the enjoyment of the journey.  You can go out in 28 days at the opener of archery season and walk into a buck.  There could be one right at the trailhead where you park your car.  Its just it doesn’t happen often. 

Buck hunting is an obsession.  I like to watch hunts and talk to other hunters about their hunts. I think back as a kid to watching Marty Stouffer’s Wild America and a giant mule deer running in slow motion with the camera all the way zoomed in.  It’s legs going off in  side angles.  Every time I see a buck live, it feels a little like that episode.  Time slows a little.  If it’s deer season, I notice my breathing more.  Usually I try to get closer for a better look. 

To find the bucks it takes some effort.  You liked arranging all your gear ahead of time like: license, tags, flashlight, first aid kit.  Its nice to have it all ready to put in the truck the night before.  When I get up early I like that the gear is in the car and I do a mental check list looking at it in the backseat.  It is not the same feeling when I need the arrow quiver, but I haven’t found it yet because it somewhere in the garage.

Now that I’m up early I usually find more bucks.  That still leaves the enjoyment part.  It is a little easier now because I don’t have to kill a buck to have fun.  It does sound silly because that is why I made all the preparations and got up early.  When the sunlight peaks up behind the hills covered in sage and oaks, I just feel happy.  All I have to do that is open my eyes. 

Make sure you log on to the department of fish and wildlife today and get your A zone tag.  Yes the sunrise it great and you need a tag in your pocket.

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